3 March 2021



Floriculture: Father of floriculture, Definition, Concept.

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Father of floriculture:- Mario

What is floriculture?

It defined as the branch of Horticulture, which deals with the culture and management of flowers and ornamental plants.


The cultivation, harvesting, storing, designing and marketing of flowering plants.

Concept of Floriculture:-

  • Floriculture is a branch of horticulture that deals with the cultivation, processing and marketing of ornamental plants via landscaping of small or large areas and maintenance of gardens so that the surrounding may appears aesthetically pleasant.
  • Floriculture includes annual(seasonal),biennial and perennial ornamentals, such as cacti and other succulents ,bromeliads, trees, shrubs, climbers, bulbous, plants, lawn and ornamental grasses, bamboos, orchids, palms, cycads, foliage, bedding, pot and house plants, cut and loose flowers, fillers, ferns, seed and bulbs production of ornamentals, dried flowers and plants parts and other value added products, such as extraction of essential oils, edible pigments and their marketing, making and maintenance of gardens.
  • The floriculture industry in India comprises flowers production and trade of flowers, nursery and potted plants, seeds and bulbs, plants rental service, propagation through tissue culture and essential oils extraction.

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