6 March 2021



FSI- Forest Survey of India and ISFR 2019.

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  • Formation:- 1 June 1981
  • Headquarter:- Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.
  • Parent Organization:- Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Government of India.
  • Website:- www.fsi.nic.in


Founded in 1976, FSI is the successor of PISFR, a project initiated in 1965 by the gov. of India with the sponsorship of FAO and UNDP.

In its report in 1976, the NCA recommended the creation of a National Forest Survey Organization for a regular, periodic and comprehensive forest resources survey of the country, leading to the creation of FSI in the same year.


FSI assesses forest cover of the country every 2 years by digital interpretation of remote sensing satellite data and publishes the leads to a biennial report called “State of Forest Report”(SFR).

Beginning in 1987, 13 SFRs have come so far.
Since 2004, FSI has been monitoring forest fires across the country using MODID(Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) and GIS based technology.


FSI provides training to the foresters cadres of varied states of India.


FSI has biennial “The state of Forest Reports” (SFRs) and area-specific reports on “The Reports on Inventory and Wood Consumption Studies”.

ISFR 2019- India state of Forest Report:-

Increases in Forest Cover:

The country’s forest cover includes all patches of land with a tree canopy density of quite 10% and quite 1 ha in area, regardless of land use, ownership and species of trees.

The total forest cover of the country is 7,12,249 sq km which is 21.67% of the geographic area of the country.

The top 5 states to have show an increase in forest cover include Karnataka> Andhra Pradesh> Kerala > J&K> Himachal Pradesh.

  • The total forest cover within the tribal districts is 37.54%.
  • There tree cover of the country is estimated as 2.89%>.
  • Mangrove cover within the country has increased by 54 sq km (1.10%).
  • Gujarat has the largest area of wetlands.

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