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Major Forest Product

Wood is a major forest product.
Woods of Gymnosperm and Angiosperm becomes large in diameter because of secondary growth and this wood is useful for various purpose. So they are called major forest products.

Types of Wood:

  1. Porus Wood

Having vessels more numerous and usually larger in cross section. In the spring-wood with resulting more or less distinct line between the spring-wood and the last season’s wood compare diffuse porus.
In porus wood there is plenty of xylem fibers present.
Eg.: Nilgiri, Sandalwood, Teak, Sal, etc.

  1. Non-Porus Wood

Gymnosperm are called non-porus wood because wood is without pores or vessels and is called soft-wood.
Non-porus wood have fewer xylem fibers.
Eg.: Pine, Devdar, etc.

Minor Forest Product

The minor forest products are sub-set of forest products.
All forest products other than wood are called minor forest product.
Eg.: Leaves of diffrent trees, Catechu, Honey, Waxs, Gums, etc.

Example of Major Forest Products

Porus Wood

  1. Nilgiri Wood

Scientific Name:- Eucalyptus globulus
Or Eucalyptus texticomis
Family:- Myrtaceae

  • Eucalyptus is used for all type of constrictions fine as well as utilitarian.
  • It is often made into flavoring or making objects such as bowl.
  • Also useful as fuel wood.
  1. Sandalwood

Scientific Name:- Santalum album
Family:- Santalaceae

  • Oil is extracted from the wood
  • Traditionally it is used as an antiseptic and stringent.
  • Spiritually it is also useful
  • It is bets remedy for skin disease.

Non-Porus Wood

  1. Deodar

Scientific Name:- Cedrus deodara
Family:- Pinaceae

  • Deodar is one of the strongest wood. It is easy to saw.
  • It is antifungal wood so for storing grain containers are made from it.
  • Essential oil is extracted from wood.
  • Also helpful as fuel wood.
  1. Pine

Scientific Name:- Pinus sp.
Family:- Pinaceae

  • Pine tree is commercially important tree.
  • It is used in furniture, window frame, flooring and roofing.
  • It’s resin is important source of turpentine.
  • It is also useful in paper products.

Example of Minor Forest Product

  1. Katha

Scientific Name:- Acacia catechu
Family:- Mimosaceae

  • It is extracted from wood.
  • It is used in treatment of sore throat.
  • It cures itching, indigestion, bronchitis and is effective in treatment of leprosy.
  • It is also useful in ulcer, boils, piles and throat disease.
  • It’s by products are used in various industrial applications.
  • It is beneficial for hair.
  1. Beedi leaf

Scientific Name:- Zanthoxylum armatum
Family:- Rutaceae

  • A mixture of Betel nuts, herbs and spices or tobacco are commonly wrapped in the leaf is called mini-cigar that is made from the leaf.
  • Its leaves infusion is useful in stomach complaints.
Beedi Leaves


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