5 August 2021



‘Pandemic drones’ detect COVID-19 symptoms.

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  • The US began to use ‘Pandemic drones’ for detect COVID-19 symptoms

The test flights were conducted during a coronavirus hotspots, following a personal party where dozens of individuals were exposed to the virus.

According to Draganfly, Westport will use the tech to guard at-risk groups, like seniors and crowds gathering publicly places.

The pandemic drone are equipped with a specialized sensor and computer vision systems which will display fever/temperature, heart and respiratory rates, similarly as detect people sneezing and coughing in crowds, and wherever groups of individuals may go or congregate.

The technology can accurately detect infectious conditions from a distance of 190 feet additionally as measure social distancing for proactive public safety practices.

This technology enhances the security with the concept, using drones remains a go-to technology for reaching the foremost remote areas with little to no manpower needed.
It also helps officers acquire decision quality data they have to form the most effective choices in any given situation.

Draganfly‘s pandemic drone software uses biometric readings in its analysis process and doesn’t employ face recognition technology.
Rather, the software is employed to know patterns within a population to permit users to react quicker to ongoing events or new potential health threats.
Its deep learning algorithms can quickly detect symptoms like sneezing and coughing, high vital sign and rapid heartbeats so as to form a diagnosis of disease.

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