26 January 2022



‘Times they are A-Changin'(handwritten lyrics) wrriten by Bob Dylan’s classic song to sale for USD 2.2 million

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Dylan’s handwritten lyrics to ‘The Times they are A-Changin'(his 1960s classic)are rising purchasable with a USD 2.2 million selling price in what could mark a world record for rock lyrics.

Dylan’s handwritten lyrics to love a Rolling Stone fetched a world-record USD 2 million once they were sold at auction by Sotheby’s in ny in 2014.

Gary Zimet, said on Sunday the one-page sheet of lyrics, written during a notebook and with changes and scribbles, was originally owned by Dylan’s current manager, Jeff Rosen, and was now being sold by an anonymous private collector.

“It’s not an auction. it is a private sale. First come, first served,” Zimet told Reuters.

  • It’s written in 1963 and released on his 1964 album of a similar name, is considered one among the foremost iconic protest songs In 1960s.

The lyrics to popular songs, especially when handwritten and with scratched-out ideas or doodles, became variety of the foremost sought-after items for collectors of celebrity memorabilia.

Dylan, 78, last month released his first original music in eight years with a 17- minute song called ‘Murder Most Foul’ that was inspired by the 1963 assassination people President John F. Kennedy.

In 2016,Bob Dylan became the sole singer-songwriter to win the Nobel prize for Literature.

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